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Thread: The benefits of a modern plasma display

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    Default The benefits of a modern plasma display


    1. In a room with average or low ambient light you get a much deeper black level which means you get more saturated colors and more detail in the picture. If the panel is set up properly you will see what looks like a sharper and more 3-D looking image as you have more dynamic gray scale range. More steps of tonal range as the difference between black and white is greater.

    2. Plasma's have much better off axis viewing picture quality as opposed to LCD that degrades quickly when viewed from the side or above/below the screen.

    3. Plasma TV's delivers far better color accuracy as they can render deeper, richer colors and can blend tones better than LCDs to generate a larger color pallet.

    4. Plasma do not suffer from motion blur as they have 600 Hz sub-fields so the image can maintain its quality longer than LCDs which degrade immediately after being charged when the image signal is sent to the panel.

    5. The response time of a plasma display is measured in microseconds rather than milliseconds, that is at least 1000 times faster, hence another reason for no motion blur/smear.

    6. In larger display sizes, plasma TV's cost less, sometimes much less yet still deliver a better picture for all of the above mentioned reasons.

    7. Plasma TV's look more like your old CRT display rather than a computer monitor.

    8. Plasma TV's have long life, most are rated at a 60,000 hour half life. Panasonic projects their plasma TV's will last at least 100,000 hours.

    9. The myths surrounding plasma TV's like the gas has to be recharged, they have short lifespans, they are power hogs and the like are just that, myths and are in fact not true at all.

    10. Plasma TV's are much, much better for gaming due to the rapid response times, better color gamut, better back levels and shadow detail.

    So there you have it – plasma is the clearly superior technology for many reasons. Don't let the bright, high intensity lighting in the stores fool you into thinking that LCD panels look better, if you had that type of lighting in your home they would but no one does. Besides, having that bright an ambient light makes the shadow detail and black levels suffer. Once in your home though, the picture becomes clear, plasma excels where LCD fails. If you are replacing a CRT display with a new TV then plasma will deliver everything you are used to from your CRT display only much, much better.
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