By Mark Fleischmann • March, 2009
Price: $500
At A Glance:
Fits under flat panels that weigh 90 pounds or less • Five 2-inch drivers, one 5.25-inch woofer • Balanced sound with minimal surround
What’s in That Black Box?

What if you opened up your home-theater-in-a-box system only to find—another box? Would you suspect you had suddenly plunged into an unpublished chapter of Through the Looking Glass, a strange alternate universe where boxes contain boxes? Would you be afraid that inside the second box, there might be a third box? And inside the third, a fourth? Was dropping acid and going to the Museum of Modern Art in 1978 really such a good idea?

I never did that—some friends did and told me about it. One of them still occasionally sees bats in his peripheral vision. But no matter how shaky your perceptual foundations are, let me assure you that you have nothing to fear from the ZVOX Z-Base 550. When you open the box, you will indeed find another box, but that’s only because the product itself is a neat rectangular solid.

A Firm Foundation
The Z-Base 550 is essentially a 3.5-inch-tall pedestal for a flat-panel TV that weigh less than 90 pounds. It’s about the size of many soundbar speakers, but it has much more cabinet depth. It is a completely self-contained audio system with a full array of drivers, amplification, and surround decoding of a sort. There are no front-panel controls. Hand-lacquered side panels add a quiet touch of elegance.

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