Listed below is what I have and how I am currently connected. I would like the best audio possible with this Soundbar. The sound is not terrible at this point, but I feel it could be better. I must say I am a bit puzzled at how the HDMI and Optical audio work together, or maybe they do not. The HDMI connections are straight forward and the Soundbar turns on and off with the TV.

Panny 65GT30 connected by HDMI 1 (ARC), to the Soundbar HDMI AV OUT (ARC).

The soundbar also has an HDMI AV IN that appears to support audio directly from a BD Player.

DirecTV HD box connected by HDMI, to the TV HDMI 2

Panny 310 BD Player connected by HDMI AV OUT Main, to the TV HDMI 3. It also has a second HDMI AV OUT to connect to an amp/rcvr/soundbar.

AppleTV2 connected by HDMI, to the TV HDMI 4.

So; the TV, DirecTV box, BD player, Soundbar and AppleTV also have optical out, which I am not using at this time.

The DirecTV box, BD player and AppleTv are all connected by HDMI to the TV, and then the TV sends audio by HDMI (ARC) to the soundbar for all of the devices.

Would connecting up the optical audio to the sound bar be a better idea? If so, how would I go about it to get the best possible audio result with all of these devices? I have seen three into one optical audio switchers that may be helpful? I am trying to not have to spend extra money on an A/V receiver, if possible.

I guess I can also connect the BD Player to the Soundbar directly by HDMI, as they both have a second HDMI port.

Any help would be appreciated.