By Mark Fleischmann ē August, 2009
Price: $650

At A Glance
: A/V receiver, five slim speakers, and powered sub ē Slightly rolled-off treble, but pleasing sound ē Good remote, lousy supplied cable
Home Theater Comfort Food

On my first trip to London, when I was much younger, my first meal was a mediocre steak in a fifth-rate restaurant full of reveling Australian soccer fans. It was one of the most disappointing meals Iíve ever had. While Britain doesnít exactly lead the world in cuisine, you can eat well there if you know what youíre doing. The reason I got stuck with a leathery, tasteless, uninspiring piece of meat was that I was jet-lagged and desperately hungry, I didnít know my way around, and I couldnít find anything better. HTIBs can be like that. People who might be better served by a higher-quality component system settle for a less fulfilling one because they donít know their way around the labyrinthine world of A/V receivers and speaker systems. Mixing and matching surround gear can be too steep a hill to climb.

There are good HTIBs, but finding one is a crapshoot. Itís like wandering out into the streets of a strange maze-like city, selecting a restaurant at random, and hoping for the best. Much like any consumer, thatís the position I placed myself in when I reviewed the Yamaha YHT-591 All-in-One Digital Home Theater System, as the box refers to it. Feeling slightly guilty that I donít review enough HTIBs, I arbitrarily picked this one and served as your surrogate. Hereís what I found.

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