By Scott Wilkinson • June, 2009

Price: $5,295 (with anamorphic lens kit: $9,595)

At A Glance
: Superb detail and shadow detail • Excellent anamorphic performance • Oversaturated greens and reds
Anamorphic 4 Less

You may not have heard of French projector maker DreamVision, but I sure have. Whenever I’ve seen its projectors at trade shows, I’ve always been impressed by their stylish cabinets, high performance, and high prices.


So I was very surprised at CES 2009 to find that the company was unveiling a relatively budget-priced projector called the Dream’E. Perhaps even more surprising, it’s based on SXRD technology, which is Sony’s version of LCOS. This is the first non-Sony SXRD projector I know of, but DreamVision assured me that it’s not simply a rebranded Sony. DreamVision designed it from the ground up.

The biggest surprise of all was the projector’s anamorphic option.

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