Anthem is now shipping the Anthem Statement M1. Anthem's monaural powerhouse annihilates conventional audiophile wisdom about Class D amplification with reportedly flawless fidelity and full dynamic range across all volume levels, flat frequency response and rock-solid stability into even the most difficult loads, no "dead time" crossover distortion, and virtually no noise floor.

What's more, the M1 makes radical improvements over previous Class D amplifier designs while still maintaining all of the benefits that Class D design brings to the table. Class D architecture provides tremendous value over traditional Class A and Class AB designs because of its efficient output and smaller form factor, both of which the M1 perfectly embodies. Its heat pipe cooling system and deep side-mounted heat sinks allow multiple M1s, with feet removed, to be rack-mounted directly on one another, each occupying only a single rack unit. Its fanless design also makes the M1 as well-suited for the quietest of listening rooms as it is the most crowded equipment closets.
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