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Thread: Sherbourn PA 7-350 Seven-Channel Amplifier Preview

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    Default Sherbourn PA 7-350 Seven-Channel Amplifier Preview



    The Sherbourn PA 7-350 is a beast of an amp - with a massive 3.3 kVA toroidal power supply pushing 350 watts into 8 ohms, 4 ohm stability, and seven channels of amplification, "a beast" may be putting it lightly. At over 100 pounds and with convection cooling and a high efficiency, “Soft Switch” class H design, this truly is an audiophile-grade amplifier. If you define "audiophile-grade" as "tons of power, every feature you'll need and none you don't." If you define it as "full of silver/platinum/chocolatey bits, marketing speak, and pseudo-science," well, you're looking at the wrong company. The only thing that is holding us back from our highest Preview Article rating of "Gotta have it!" is not knowing the price. Regardless, we think there are more than a few that have already looked into preordering this monster.

    Kinda pricey compared to what Outlaw is offering, as well as Parasound (I think).

    Edit: nevermind, Parasound aint cheap either. I think Outlaw and Emo are gonna be the only two amp companies I consider with my budget.

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    Default Re: Sherbourn PA 7-350 Seven-Channel Amplifier Preview

    What a BEAST !!!

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