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Thread: Newbie requesting help from the gang...

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    Default Newbie requesting help from the gang...



    I am new to this forum and it’s the only one I have joined for the reasons stated in the vision statement.

    My setup is as follows:
    Harman Kardon HK 3485 Modified Stereo Receiver (StereoDave)
    Onkyo PR-SC5507P
    ROTEL RBA-1080 Stereo Amplifier
    Rotel RMB-1075 Multichannel amplifier
    Polk Audio LSi15 complete speaker set + sub
    Misc. many, i.e., CD, DVD, BR, etc.

    The HK, RBA-1080 and LSi15s are a great combo with which to listen to stereo music with. That is my main enjoyment and after finding this receiver and having it for a couple of years, I have been very impressed and happy with the set.

    So happy that I need a little help… Since the introduction of the Onkyo R-SC5507P to my HT, the movie experience is amazing as well. However, I find myself switching the main speakers from the pre to the receiver when I want to listen to music. I do it because the HK sounds that good to me. Is there a better option for me so that I can use the mains with both the Receiver and the Pre when needed but not have to go through this exercise of moving the speaker wires from one unit ot the other? Maybe a switch box of some sort that can handle the wattage (200+)? Brand, model??? Weather playing music or watching a blu-ray movie through the Pre, I still want to use the 1080 for the mains.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    I'm not farmiliar with all of your devices in your setup but it seems to me a universal remote like the Harmony 900 or 1100 can help with the automation of what you want to do. With something like those, you can select a task such as Watch TV, Watch Blu-rays, Listen to Music, and all devices are turn off and on accordingly. Look into them to see if they will work for you.

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    HAlicea, welcome to the forum.

    You have a fine processor and, it seems, seven channels of amplification from three separate products. It might be simpler to just use the HK all the time for the mains and reassign two RMB-1075 channels to surround duties. This company ://www.audioauthority.com/page/products sells high quality switching equipment for professionals; they might have the thing you are looking for. One disadvantage of this approach is that the subtle differences you enjoy while using the modded HK might get chewed up in the longer/different signal path of a switch. At least, it's an avenue you can explore.
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    I'm a little confused, HAlicea. Not necessarily all that surprising, as I'm confused much of the time, but let's take a crack at it.

    When listening to music, are you using your HK receiver strictly as a pre-amp, or are you using its power stage in addition to the 1080 (presumably in a biamp configuration)? Do you have your sources "segregated," so to speak? That is, have you got music sources that are always hooked up to the HK, and movie sources that are always hooked up to the Onkyo, and never the twain shall meet?

    What I'm really trying to find out is what kind of connection options those two pieces of gear offer. It seems like you ought to be able to hook the Onkyo into the HK via the latter's pre-out and amp-in connections, or a tape loop. Does that Onkyo have a direct pass-through mode?
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