My father-in-law wants to set up a surround system to go with his new Panasonic 55 inch 3D Plasma that will be arriving in April. His house is a two story on a slab and the there is no way to run speaker wires to the needed locations without tearing up the house. His house already had speaker wires that were run when the house was built but the speaker wires terminate in a location that will be in the exact opposite location of where his HDTV and A/V equipment will need to be located. The old speaker locations are perfect for a 5.1 surround sound setup.

He already has quality B & W speakers in a an area that would serve as his left and right front locations. He would purchase matching center and rear speakers.

He can run a cable to the subwoofer and speaker wire to a center channel speaker but that is it.

He is thinking of purchasing the Rocketfish Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit but I can not find a review of this product. Has anyone used this specific product or have any recommendations regarding it. I am also open to other suggestions. Thanks.

Here is a link to the product page: