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Thread: Samsung's price for the 64pne8000

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    Default Samsung's price for the 64pne8000

    I recieved a post from a leading online dealer ( pm me if you want to know which one ) that the samsung 64pne8000 will be sold for $3699.00 . Now that is alot less than the advertised price of $3999.00 that we saw posted on this site ( from hdguru ). This is somewhat confusing to me as samsung was set to enforce their upp (UNILATERAL PRICING POLICY) which would not have allowed retailers to sell below the price set by samsung. Please understand that MAP and UPP are a little different . see below link for a better understanding of the upp.

    ok checked the hdguru site and guess what 64pne8000 = $3599.00 I would think that someone would get the damn price right !! well, atleast it makes the 64 seem a better price now as the 59pne8000 = $3399.00 . it didn't make much sence before for the 65 inch to be at $3899.00

    god bless
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