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  74. 6ave having another great sale
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  81. Opinions
  82. Would you buy a TV with 3D technology
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  107. Best time to buy?!?
  108. Need to buy something soon
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  113. Buying a Plasma (Panny TH-P42G10S)
  114. KRP-500M lighter band at top of screen
  115. Cheapest place right now to buy a 50" G10 Or S1?
  116. who stretches 4:3 content to fill the screen?
  117. In the market for a new set
  118. Sale for Canada residents
  119. Now I've done it
  120. To break-in, or not to break-in
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  130. Samsung PN50B860 for 1599.99 Amazon.com
  131. please keep your eyes out for a deal on 54v10
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  133. sports authority selling tv?
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  138. nice price for TC-P54S1
  139. they did'nt block it VE
  140. Panasonic 54V10 Issue or Signal Issue
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  142. Can someone explain this to me in children's terms?
  143. Am I Seeing Motion Blur?
  144. Can Someone Explain Film Modes on the Kuro
  145. Panasonic 12G Plasmas and other brands - VESA Mounting Pattern Info
  146. Panasonic G13 series info ( D-nice)
  147. TC-P54Z1 review
  148. Need help please!!! Panasonic TC-P65S1 or Samsung PN63B590
  149. Just brought my new Panny TC-P50S1 home!!
  150. Newbie intro...........
  151. a new newby
  152. Buzzing on my Pro-141 Signature series.
  153. Is my 2007 Sammy plasma dieing?
  154. Pro-110 36 bit display verses Signature Pro-141 26 bit panels!
  155. Switching inputs on pro-141fd, not remembering settingd.
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  157. LG 50PS80 (CNET Review)
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  163. Minor buzzing with Panasonic G15
  164. KRP-500M Contral-cal vs. 150 hours post breakin settings
  165. PRO-111FD interferes with my Turtle Beach X4 headphones?
  166. Personal opinions on 720p vs 1080p with DTV/Dish
  167. Panasonic 46" Class Viera 1080p Plasma HDTV, TC-P46U1
  168. new here to forum
  169. My Pioneer KRP-500M Journey
  170. normal use breakin on 500m?
  171. KRP-500M Looks a little dull when watching Monday Night Football
  172. KURO 141FD break-in process...on it's way here!!
  173. Looking to replace my 60XBR800
  174. Viewing Distance
  175. Pioneer Kuro Models: 9G/10G
  176. 500m pic settings reverted to default?
  177. 500m and espn?
  178. Panasonic VIERA TC-P58V10 Plasma HDTV (HTM Review)
  179. panasonic tc-px1 lines
  180. Kuro Cooling/Heat Issue Problem - Need Innovative Ideas!
  181. I've joined the Kuro club!!!
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  184. Mount my KURO Elite
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  186. My PRO-151FD Experience
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  188. Heartbroken and no 141
  189. Pioneer firmware
  190. New guy with new 151FD on the way
  191. favorite setting on the 500m?
  192. New Plasmas for 2010
  193. 500m pic settings?
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  196. best plasmas out there besides pioneer series
  197. Panasonic Infinite Black
  198. Second plasma, opinions wanted
  199. 2010 panasonic plasma tv's & the rebirth of kuro
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  201. 2010 Samsung Plasma flagship model PNC8000
  202. Urgent Advice needed
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  204. Anyone running a PC via HDMI to their Plasma?
  205. Hello
  206. ? on video calibration dvd disks
  207. Panasonic TC-P50S2 available for preorder. $1299.95
  208. Top 5 Pioneer Displays
  209. ? Pioneer Hours ?
  210. Panasonic cops to rising black levels in its plasma HDTVs, but questions still remain
  211. My KURO has flatlined
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  214. weak sound from 58s1
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  216. Pioneer KRP-500M Issue
  217. Selling Pioneer PRO-111FD
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  227. Pioneer 101 problem
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  230. PN50B650 or TC-P50G25
  231. Panasonic's 152-inch 4K-resolution 3D plasma ships this fall
  232. Little help with wall mount
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  241. 101 pics ....with line
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  247. 2010 Panny Break In Settings and Thumbdrive / SD Card Slides
  248. Will Panny make a high end PDP that uses Kuro tech?
  249. Samsung PS63C7705 (PN63C8000) review and settings from Denmark
  250. To any guys with 1:1 pixel mapping