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Thread: MartinLogan Now Shipping Theos Electrostatic Speaker

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    Default MartinLogan Now Shipping Theos Electrostatic Speaker

    There are speakers that can blow you away with music, and speakers that can blow you away with stunning design before you even hear the first note. MartinLogan is one of those rare speaker makers that does both. They're certainly no stranger to speaker designs with wow factor, both in the sonics and visuals. Now, they are adding to the company's impressive looking (and sounding) line, with the Theos.

    Theos is MartinLogan's latest electrostatic speaker. Completely hand-built, this tall drink of water boasts a passive 8-inch aluminum cone woofer, an ultra-low turbulence down-firing bass port that can provide detailed bass down to 43Hz, and custom bi-wire capable binding posts.
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