Dear friends of the Audio,

At the moment I am in the planning phase for my hobby-cinema. The following are my needs reps. thoughs.

Although these speakers are not really out yet, but I'll go in this direction and so you know what will be driving my new speakers:

Yamaha 771
Pio 2021
Successor of the 3600ES

Living room:
Mostly empty white walls, parquet floor, around 340 square feet.

50% Movies
45% TV
< 5% Music

As the female interior architect has very strong veto power ;-), big boxes, small boxes on pillars or stands, or other 'really good' loudspeakers will not be tolerated, even if they'd have superior quality or be cheaper for what you get. Home-Parliament thus only allowed column speakers.
So I have to find the best that is possible within these rules. Fronts as well as the rears should be towers, so not towers in front and small cubes in the back.

What I've found so far:

Teufel LT3 PE SetL: Many praise it for movies, many wish it to hell for music. But judging by for what they're needed, this would be a good match. Being the cheapest, are they also the worst?

Magnat Neos Tower: Almost NOTHING to be found online, not a single usable review. Does anyone have these towers, are they any good? Is this an old model that's not made anymore, and there's a reason for that? On paper these look good, spec-wise. But do they also sound equally good?

Canton CD200: Some reviews online, but nothing really striking. Spec-wise these look like the best of breed for column speakers, but are they really? Or just high priced? Who has these and can say something about their quality?

Canton CD100.2/1090: Spec-wise they are almost identical, where's the difference? Would they be enough, or are they too weak?

JBL CST55: Also a little older and harder to get, and no real successor around. But how do they compare to the CD200 which are of similar size?

For any of these except the Teufel it's clear that I also need a center and a sub, but that's not part of the discussion at the moment.

So for example, are the CD200 REALLY so much better than the LT3, or just double the price? Are the Magnat worth anything, or is there a reason that there are no reviews? etcetc…

Does anyone have these systems for a similar purpose, or has someone experience in comparing these? Or does someone know some other system that I haven't noticed yet that is worth looking at?

Thank you very much for you highly appreciated support!