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Thread: Mirage MX Speaker Placement

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    Default Mirage MX Speaker Placement


    Anyone have any experience with Mirage MX Speakers?
    Link: http://www.miragespeakers.com/na-en/...-5-1-overview/

    They're labeled as omni polar so trying to figure out the best spot for placement. I looked at some of the other speaker placement threads but they were all for floorstanding or directional speakers.
    My living room is a kind of a weird shape. My right surround will have to be ceiling mounted since that portion opens up to a hallway and a dining room area.

    On the attached picture, the black circles are where I'm planning on putting them. The two rears will be ceiling mounted with the two fronts on stands. The center will be on the AV stand. The sub is probably going to go in the corner to the left of the TV.

    Floor layout
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This set will eventually get replaced with a Goldenear Triton Cinema set so I'm planning on just getting rear speaker mounts that will fit a Supersat 3 and mount these speakers on them until I purchase the GEs (it was either a 65VT30 or the GE set right now). The front speakers are just going on stands since the Triton 2s are floorstanding ones and I'll probably mount the center channel over the TV. The Mirage MX set will move to my bedroom along with my 800U plasma once the new gear comes in to replace them.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    It looks to me like the way you have it drawn out will work perfectly. I am pretty sure with those particular mirage that you can mount them upside down when mounting them to the ceiling.

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