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Thread: UH OH Sony is back in the HI FI game!

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    Default UH OH Sony is back in the HI FI game!


    So after roughly a decade Sony has decided to take another crack at building speakers for the seriously serious audiophile with their Sony SS-AR1. What do I mean by seriously serious well I am referring to the serious price tag of $26,000. While any reviews I have read have been singing their praise (like most reviews) I can't help but wonder from my own Sony sound equipment why any one would look to them when spending this type of money. A few things that I can't seem to wrap my head around with these is what looks like a fairly simple/plain soft dome tweeter, wouldn't we expect something a little more "high end" for this price. Another thing I would like to point out is no bi amping capability, doesn't the serious audiophile want to have that option?? I don't want to be to critical as I have not auditioned them, and even if I had this kind of coin to spend on speakers I surely would not seek out Sony, also I have the feeling the pro reviewers would not either. Here is a review from some one who has actually auditioned them. Sony SS-AR1 REVIEWED

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    Default Re: UH OH Sony is back in the HI FI game!

    I sure would like to hear them.
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