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Thread: Switching to bookshelves??

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    Default Switching to bookshelves??

    I have a bug and it's called I WANT NEW SPEAKERS! Been looking quite a bit over this weekend. (online)
    Here is my dilemma. I've never had bookshelf speakers as mains. You guys know I've been a Klipsch guy. What you don't know is my towers have internal powered subs. I don't even use them. So, my Klipsch are only being used for the horn tweeter and the 5 1/4 mid bass driver. I suspect if you tore into these towers, that the mid bass driver is enclosed in it's own little area. Probably the size of a bookshelf speaker. Know what I mean?

    Also, due to the shape of my listening room - I can't even have these towers in an optimum position. FAct is, the right speaker has the mid bass driver blocked by furniture - the only thing that gets through is the horn tweeter. The left speaker is positioned in a hallway that leads to the upstairs. That means it is further away from the TV than the right.

    OK, ok. So - I have to wonder. If I switch to bookshelf speakers, will I be disappointed? Will I miss something that my current towers are giving me (other than shitty placement) UGH!

    I'm on the Axiom site and have had these in the checkout all weekend. I've so many times nearly clicked BUY, but just can't do it. I need some junkie advice.... I would be mounting these on the wall with brackets that Axiom site suggests. This would allow for better placement than I can currently get with towers. But man - going from Klipsch sound...scares me. What up junkies???? Feed me a bone. Now, let me tell you that these are $398 for the pair. (LINK) Seems cheap - but they sure get some good ratings, etc.
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    Gos, I looked at those in my recent studying, and they seem to be nice. When I got the speaker upgrade bug recently, some wise folks told me to look less at avr and speakers, an more and sub/amp. I agree, not sure on your avr, but it seems you have nice klipsch speakers. I'd consider the amp or sub upgrade more, and maybe even use the subs in the klipsch.

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    Default Re: Switching to bookshelves??

    Get your saw out and just cut the suckers below the midrange box. :D

    LOL. Who sees the bottoms of your speakers anyway?

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    Default Re: Switching to bookshelves??

    I have not heard them myself but they look decent. How about these only 239 each or these only 399 pair Both look better than the Axioms to me.

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    Default Re: Switching to bookshelves??

    Quote Originally Posted by audioholicjeff View Post
    I have not heard them myself but they look decent. How about these only 239 each or these only 399 pair Both look better than the Axioms to me.

    Gos has dove in and bought the KEF Q 300bl, See HERE. I would love to hear the emotiva loud speakers BTW.
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