By Mark Fleischmann • April, 2009
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At A Glance:
40-inch-wide soundbar speaker includes front left, center, and right channels • Surrounds and sub are extra-cost options • Refined sound
Stars and Bars and L-C-R

Two bars walk into a guy. Sorry to be so gender-specific, but that’s generally how these jokes begin. One bar says, “I’ve got 5.1 channels, including fake surround, to add to the grandeur of your studio apartment.” The other bar says, “I’ve got the front three channels of good, honest sound to accompany the luster of your flat-panel TV.” What does the guy say? Frankly, I haven’t got the slightest idea. The interesting thing is that he has a choice.

In a market that boasts a boatload of one-piece surround solutions, here comes Phase Technology’s Teatro PC-3.0 L-C-R soundbar. You can tell the company is excited by the two hyphens it needlessly injected into the perfectly acceptable acronym LCR. That stands for left/center/right, which are the three speakers that you can replace with a one-piece wonder if you are the happy purchaser of this system.

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