Hi All,

I really need help choosing between two sets of speakers for 5.1/7.1 - I would really welcome any thoughts on which you think might be better & if so by how much!

I am in England & already have a set of brand new Celestion AVc/AVS501 Speakers (560mm x 80mm x 60mm) - these originally retailed at about £250 ($400 USD) a piece but like all things, they went down in price when they were discontinued so I got a great deal on 7 of them. They also were ideal in terms of form factor & aesthetics. Celestion is/was a very highly respected brand here in Europe & they have now merged with KEF.

I have always been fascinated by the Orbs but being based in England, did not want to risk importing them & having to pay the exorbitant taxes & charges & then the heavy postage costs of returning them in case I did not like them. However a friend in Texas got some Orbs and very highly recommended them to me!

It just so happens that I have been offered a satellites only Orb Mod 2 package with an option two two extra single satellites if I so wish at a pretty decent price over here so am really now wondering what to do. I do not have anywhere to test things so will have to pretty much rely on expert views here I am afraid!

They will be partnered with one, possibly two REL Q200E subwoofers in a room that is 4m wide x 3.6m deep x 2.4m high. I plan to partner with a decent midrange AV Receiver/Amp. mY use will be around 70% movies & 30% music.

It is very rare that the Orbs are available here on the classifieds which is why I would like opinions between them & the Celestion's - this chance may not come again for me for a very long time!

I have attached some details about the Celestion AVC/AVS 501's which show their specs & a link to the Orb website spec page. Based on comparisons of the numbers and the "nature" of both these speakers, which do you all think will sound better & by what difference?



http://www.audioclub.it/h/audio/cata...tion_AV500.pdf - (Scroll on Image)


Many Thanks & A Very Happy New Year!